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>If you say the "T" in "castle,"
>It still won't rhyme with "pastel."
>You may have a go at "bastle,"
>But that won't rhyme with "orange"
>Or "silver." What a hastle!

     Aftermath of a Winter Battle

The sky was clouded and gray
The sun shone a pale silver
The wind was cold that day
I felt a bitter chill.  B-r-r-r

The life-giving blood that had bled
>From the bodies of the poor Inj-
uns stained the snow a bright red
But on their skin was a pale orange

On their clothes it showed a dark brown
It was maroon on their dirty bandages
And a dull pink where it fell on bare ground
Under those stark corpse-blood-and-snow sandwiches

Here a dead mother holding a dead babe
I could imagine watching her pull
Her small child away from the yawning grave
Before the cold wind turned him purple

I thought the horror would stop the sun on its dail-
y path through the sky, but, no, Mr. sun
Thick with thorrow lithped hith trail
Through the sky as he did every day of the month

     - James A. Landau

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