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1915 Frederick Sanger, in _ System: The Magazine of Business_  XXVII
(Mar.) 263: The Making of Right-Hand Men...This, in accord with Mr.
[R. K.] Morton's definite views on the inadvisability of keeping an
"ultimate insider" outside long enough to make office hours and
routine seem confining.

Big gap.

1948 _The Economist_ CLIV 56 [GB snippet: not verified]: When the
Roosevelt revolution was in the making, the first man the Brains Trust
called on was Henry Wallace.  But within two years, Harry Hopkins had
taken his place as the ultimate insider.

Big gap.

1965 _The Progressive_ XXIX 36 [GB: not verified]: Obviously the
President himself is the ultimate insider; what he says about his own
experiences should be invaluable, one would think, to the historian.
And so should Dwight D. Eisenhower's account of his first term.

Becomes common in the '70s.


1964 _Studies on the Left_ IV 16 [GB: not verified]: Genet is a
cultural hero of our time because he is the ultimate outsider, the
ultimate underdog, the ultimate rebel rising against a master who, for
him, must yet always exist to justify and judge him.

1965 _Tulane Drama Review_ X 222 [GB: not verified]: Mr. Fiedler
responded that he was speaking as that "ultimate outsider," the
author, "who really knows what he sometimes tends to lie about in
public, that he cannot write anything which he does not in some sense

1965 _Dissertation Abstracts_ 6595 [GB: not verified]: The ultimate
outsider: the Devil.

1969 Bernard A. Weisberger _The New Industrial Society_ (N.Y.: Wiley)
73:  The ultimate outsider - the Negro.

1969 D. C. Muecke _The Compass of Irony_ (London: Methuen) 228:
God...the ultimate "outsider."

1977 _N.Y. Times_ (May 8) 129 [ProQuest]: The ultimate [Democratic]
outsider, Gov. Edmund G. Brown, Jr., of California.

2011 _CNN News Desk_ (CNN-TV) (Nov. 3): Herman Cain is the ultimate
[political] outsider.


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