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Those  guys! It's like oracle-of-the-airwaves Rush Limbaugh the other
day saying, "I have been wrong in pronouncing the fourth Cain
accuser's name 'be ALECK.'  Gloria Allred says it is pronounced
'BYalik," as in  (*SLURP!*) 'Buy a LICK!'  [at about 0:40]

And did anyone else notice that when Mr. Cain's attorney introduced
him the other night, he called Ms. Bialek (quite inadvertently)
"Sharon  Buy-a-dick"? [at about 3.00].

Language helps us form cogent opinions!


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> [Re-sending--initially sent from the wrong account.]
> Josh Marshall at TPM posted a brief note last night:
>> Ex-Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP tweets calling Pelosi
>> the C-Word, the B-Word and the W-word, then tells TPM it was a "joke."
> In case it's not obvious, here are the tweets in question.
>>     @ToddKincannon: @TeresaKopec "The Crabby Cunt from the California
>>     Coast"? #NancyPelosi
>>     @ToddKincannon: @TeresaKopec Or how about "The Botox Bitch from
>>     Buggeryland"? That seems to work for Nancy Pelosi too.
>>     @ToddKincannon: @TeresaKopec Would you prefer Nancy the Crooked
>>     Whore? More accurate, but also more words.
> Then came the inevitable "correction":
>> @aterkel I wish I could walk back the "Nancy the Crooked Whore" thing.
>> It's not alliterative.
> Well, at least, it wasn't illiterate. Of course, the whole barrage had
> been precipitated by Herman Cain's comment about "Princess Nancy" during
> the debate, which his campaign had instantly supported with a tweet, but
> which Cain now says he "probably shouldn't have made".
>     VS-)
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