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Wandering off topic a bit (no, no -- please don't! -- but I'm going to

I am disturbed by a commercial I've seen several times lately.  Seen, but
not heard, since I always mute the soundtrack when the commercials come on.
This Television Camera walks into an airport lounge.  A young woman sees
it, eagerly directs its attention to a television monitor which is showing
an airliner with a damaged nosegear about to touch down.  A pickup truck
darts onto the runway in front of the plane, and catches the nosegear in
its cargo bed.
Now, what troubles me is, that I don't see the usual disclaimer,
"Professional pilot.  Closed runway.  Do not attempt."
In the absence of that warning, some hare-brained kid is going to try to
land an airliner onto his buddy's truck, with regrettable consequences --
regrettable to everyone except the lawyers, that is.

GAT  (father of a lawyer)

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> Agree.
> So what if one of the few side effects may be "death," as is
> occasionally the case? Ask your doctor about it!
> JL
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> > At 11/16/2011 09:52 PM, Neal Whitman wrote:
> >>I also find it strange in those commercials when they say "X is
> >>associated with few [not "a few"] side effects, including ..."
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> > Here I suspect "with few side effects" is intended to sound like
> > fewer than "with a few side effects".  Something with "a few side
> > effects" sounds dangerous.
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> > Joel
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