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Personally, I've never before seen or heard "take" used with "tactics."

And what the authors seem to mean is that King O will do whatever he
and Princess Nancy can get away with to "ensure perpetual liberal

Not to get into a Humpty-style discussion where words mean whatever,
but to Tea Party theorists - apparently - "liberals" wish to use the
fascist-communist power of the oppressive bully pulpit to force
liberty-loving Americans into doing whatever King O and his liberal
successors want in their Marxist campaign to replace religion, private
enterprise, laissez-faire, and gun ownership with character-busting,
nanny-state health-care slavery, legal abortions, coddling of
illegal-alien felons, enforced Darwinian teachings and worse. Forever.

Obviously bad.

BUT Republican (actually "conservative"*) gerrymandering would *not*
ensure perpetual GOP (as wonderful as that would be). Citizens could
still vote for anyone they want. No one could stop those gerrymandered
districts from going liberal at the drop of a hat. GOP gerrymandering,
unlike Wilsonian-Nazi liberalism, does not work to undermine free will
or right reason.

So it's OK.

* which now - as often as not - means "reactionary populist."


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> Whoops--I suppose "used" works with "tactics." BB
> On Nov 17, 2011, at 11:05 AM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>> Also, what verb goes with "tactics"? "Take" seems to work, along the lines of "take measures." The OED is silent on the matter.
>> On Nov 17, 2011, at 10:38 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>>> Old news to many, but here's an unusually clear-cut ex. of the orig.
>>> tendentious use of "liberal" to mean "authoritarian; state-socialist":
>>> 2011 _Edward H. Hamilton Bookseller Co. Bargain Books_  (Oct. 28)
>>> [catalogue] 8: The authors identify and discuss more than twenty
>>> tactics taken [sic] by the Obama administration to restructure the
>>> country and ensure perpetual liberal rule...such as changing voting
>>> laws, politicizing the census, destroying talk radio, and seeking to
>>> make millions of illegal aliens into voting citizens.
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