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Some will recall our discussion, in 2006, of "porky pigging."

Is it really that long since Britney went commando?


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>> AARP's article "Things We're Too Old to Say" includes "panties".
> How asinine!!
> _Panties_ is, in fact, no longer part of my active vocabulary, but
> only because, sadly, I have no use for this word, not finding women's
> undies as riveting a topic of conversation as I did in my youth, when
> even a glimpse of a feminine kneecap was a breath-taking experience.
> And, IME, even back in the day, the number of occasions when panties
> were a topic of conversation bordered on the non-existent and, when
> panties did happen to be under discussion, the traditional BE unisex
> term, _drawers_ [draUz], was used.
> BTW, is "panties" even considered to be slang? IMO, it's the standard term.
> Besides, the youth of today find what they call "grannie-panties" to
> be an object of derision. Nobody wears them, anymore. So, why would
> anyone discuss them, in the first place?
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