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Also from the fog: I think that I heard the story told in the 50s --
at Columbia, of Harvard, by a Columbia administrator or
professor.  Who went on to say that Columbia took better care of its
freshman, and graduated a higher percentage of its entering class.


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>College admissions: Volume 5
>College Entrance Examination Board - 1957 - Snippet view
>[Begin extracted text]
>I have heard the story told of the University of Chicago and of
>Harvard College (and it was doubtless not unique with them), that in
>those days the dean would say to the freshman class at an early
>meeting, "Take a good look at the student on your left and the one on
>your right. Shake hands and get acquainted now, for by spring one of
>the three of you will no longer be here.
>[End extracted text]

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