"squeal like a girl"

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Mon Nov 21 19:14:20 UTC 2011

It is important to divorce one's own view of forced male-to-male anal intercourse as merely "predator-victim" apart from any gender considerations. Personally, I totally agree.

However, that enlightened view is not the one that, arguably, still predominates in modern culture, and certainly is not what one would expect that a real-life character with the prejudices that one would ascribe to the rapist in the novel DELIVERANCE would have had. Indeed, "use him like a woman" is a common euphemism for male-on-male sexual intercourse, whether forced or not. The old cliche that men who prefer to be the recipient in anal intercourse are "women trapped in men's bodies" further illustrates this point. 

The behavior of men in prison further underscores the prevalence of the common view of sexual intercourse between men as the "unnatural" use of men as women. Passive partners are frequently referred to as "prison wives" and "bitches"; the anus is referred to as the "faggot cunt"; "wives" refer to themselves as "girls."

So, the category of assaults that are "predator-victim" embraces both male-on-male and male-on-female.

On Nov 21, 2011, at 1:02 PM, Mullins, Bill AMRDEC wrote:

> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
> Caveats: NONE
> "Panties" appears in the book; "squeal like a pig" does not.
> I don't perceive the scene as "using his victim like a woman".  There is
> nothing male-female in the assault; it is predator-victim.

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