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>> Perhaps Jon Lighter can share his files, once again.
>> Last night, during a discussion of the NBA lockout and its effect on the
>> Boston Celtics, a female columnist talking on one of the late-night
>> post-news sports talkshows commented on Rashan Rondo's "ticky-tacky
>> injuries". The issue came up in the discussion of Rondo's apparent lack
>> of shooting form over the past season. Apparently, during the Celtics'
>> visit to the White House, Obama turned to Ray Allen and, pointing to
>> Rondo, said, "Why can't you teach this guy how to shoot?" Rondo's
>> fragile psyche apparently did not take it well, messing with his
>> shooting. The woman (whose name I don't know) commented that, "Sure,
>> there were some ticky-tacky injuries," but, for the most part, it was
>> just a psychological problem.

Minor emendation:  When they were still playing professional basketball, the Celtics' point guard was _Rajon_ Rondo, and I expect him to be again if they ever resume.

(And I've usually heard such minor injuries described as "ticky-tack" rather than "ticky-tacky", pace the columnist.)


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