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Of course, it is only /after/ I click "Send" that I realize that I
should have included the only other GNA pre-1985 hit:

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Aug 12, 1985
> Still, many of Atlanta's black urban professionals say they are more
> than darker-hued versions of BMW-driving and Brie-eating Yuppies.

This matches the note concerning the 1984 Time Year of the Yuppies, even
if Time did not mention brie eating.


On 11/23/2011 12:51 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
> ...
> Another one is a bit earlier.
> Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Aug 20, 1982
> Watt's Private Feud Against An Imagined Enemy. p. 9/3
>> These citizens are not anti-energy, nor are they the caricatured
>> /Brie-eating/ elitists that Watt sees as all environmentlists. They
>> have accepted the compromises of the 1977 law.
> So, if these searches are any indication, the identification of brie
> with suburban/cultural elite originates in the early 1980s, evolving
> into the liberal tag some time between late 1980s and mid-1990s. The
> identification with the French is a distraction, except for the
> conservative penchant for tagging "liberals" as "Europhiles", with a
> particular affection for the French (including one comment during the
> 2004 presidential campaign that John Kerry is "French-looking").
>     VS-)

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