We're all Keynesians now

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 29 20:54:00 UTC 2011

This has appeared in several recent publications, including a current
story in the Telegraph (on Osborne's budget speech).

We're all NP now is not a particularly new snowclone. These links get a
lot of variants (although some hits are spurious):



Keynesians are near the top of both lists (assuming lack of
customization, which is always a bad bet with Google)

Some of the NPs: health care consumers, peripherals, Keynesians,
cyborgs, multiculturalists (book title and one of the vectors),
socialists, occupiers, Zimbaweans, Wisconsinites, Rupert Murdoch,
bourgeois (song title, another vector), Harry Blackmun, journalists,
marketers, anarchists, fascists, Leninists, Cheneyites, middle class,
Obamabots, subprime, lumpenproles, Dubs (Dubliners), sluts, birthers,
neocons, terror suspects, Chabadniks (note that some adjectives are
nouned for this, e.g., Subprime, poor). There are also a couple of
non-NP versions that clearly riff on the snowclone--We're all crazy now
and We're all fucked now!

I'm sure it's been covered on LL or AZ blog several times over.


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