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Sat Oct 1 00:01:27 UTC 2011

I'm curious if anyone has commented on this version of "sticky":

> I also want the "All Headlines" feature under "Today’s Paper" to be sticky
> rather than constantly reverting back to "Quick View."

This use is fairly common these days, but is more common among techies and
bloggers, of course.

There is one OED Draft 2007 entry that bears vague resemblance:

  Computing. Of a web site: attracting long or repeated visits from users.

The other close one is 3.b.:

3. b. Econ. Of prices, interest rates, wages, etc.: resistant to change,
> slow to respond to altered conditions.

But these also have some differences.

Another example of a sticky/non-sticky feature:

I have a TV that has multiple viewing format settings, from 4:3 to 16:9 and
everything in between. As a product of idiotic design, the default format is
"large", which is wider than 4:3, but also cuts off the top and the bottom
of the screen. It takes a couple of clicks to set it to something else, but,
after 2 hours of staying on or after being turned off, the TV reverts to the
original setting. The feature is decidedly non-sticky. Or is it "un-sticky"?


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