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Cf. Marc Eliot's _Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince_ (Secaucus,
N.J.: Carol, 1993).

Eliot's premise is that Walt was bad.


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> At the end of the episode 1:1 of Da Vinci's Inquest, a detective tells
> the coroner (Dominic Da Vinci) who's been bugging him about old cases,
> "You are the dark prince."
> A search of OED finds one quotation under "discreation":
>> a1628    F. Greville Life of Sidney (1652) x. 130   The dark Prince,
>> that sole author of dis-creation, and dis-order.
> UD says, "gothic male"--that certainly fails to apply in either case.
> Wiki has an article on The Dark Prince, but that's about a novel by
> Chistine Feehan. There is a rapper that goes by the same name, an
> unrelated song by Young Heretics, and another similarly titled book
> about Dracula. Just this year, convictions were obtained in the "Dark
> Prince" murder case, so named because one of the defendants (and the
> alleged mastermind) was a Nepalese exchange student who had "claimed
> royal lineage" [ http://goo.gl/IqSED ].  But all of these are specific
> instances, not the general sense that's present in the two cases above.
> Time magazine obit for Bob Guccione (October 21, 2010) is titled,
> "Penthouse's Bob Guccione: The Dark Prince of Porn" [
> http://goo.gl/bAipH ] This is closer to a generic reference, although
> the author ties Guccione to Caligula (an obvious connection because of
> Guccione-produced film).
>> The girlie-magazine empire declined and fell; and with it ended the
>> reign of one of the publishing world's two monarchs of flesh. For if
>> Hugh Hefner was the Caesar of magazine sex, Bob Guccione was surely
>> its Caligula.
> Is there a generic meaning that ought to be identified as such or am I
> just guilty of needlessly stirring the pot? I mean, it's no "Prince of
> Darkness", but there seems to be the same buzz, going back a few hundred
> years...
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