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Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 13 04:40:20 UTC 2011

I'm just trying to beat everyone else (mostly AZ) to the punch on this
one. Expect the Bravo reality show, Work of Art, to serve as a source of
interesting material for a few weeks--and this is already Season 2 (I
missed season 1). First in line is one of the contestants, whose real
name, I believe, is Morgan:
> The Sucklord is the creator of SUCKADELIC ENTERPRISES, an evil arts
> organization based in Chinatown NYC. Specializing in bootleg action
> figures, illicit remix records, and low-budget sci-fi movies, The
> Sucklord seamlessly blends geeky nerd obsessions with street-level
> hipster cool.

Aside from the two fronted portmanteaus, there is all sorts of fun
stuff: "evil arts organization"--is that an organization for evil arts
or an evil organization involved in the arts? "bootleg action
figures"--looks like a perfectly straight expression, but what is it
doing here? "geeky nerd obsessions"--geeky AND nerdy, yet "hipster cool"??


PS: Bonus from Top Chef Just Desserts: "Have you thought about frying,
[?], sauteeing ... ? That's a lot of verbs in one dish."

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