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Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 15 08:24:24 UTC 2011
National Journal. Volume 13(2). November 1900
Picturesque Phases of the Presidential Campaign. By Mitchell Mannering.
p. 61
> An expression of Mr. Bryan to newspaper men, which can be placed in
> quotation marks because it is repeated so often is "Now, please don't
> quote me; I always write my own interviews." And he does, too.

That would be William Jennings Bryan. Had this been discovered in the
1960s or 1970s, it would have ended up on buttons. I have no idea if it
might have ended up in any quotation dictionaries or collections--I
haven't looked. But I thought it was interesting enough to mention, in
case it really was missed.

There are also a number of historical political cartoons of some
interest on pp. 12-16 (mostly relating to Lincoln).


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