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"Afro-American" is in the OED, quotations 1853, 1890, 1898, ...
1944.  I present these only because they were written by E. J.
Waring, who claimed (incorrectly) that he had coined the term in 1878.

1880 -- "First---Because, as I have shown, we are
Afro-Americans."  [This article is by E. J. Waring.]

Cincinnati Commercial Tribune, July 17, 1880, p. 4, col.
6.  America's Historical Newspapers/EAN Series 4.

1893 -- "I am the author of the word "Afro-American." I coined, or invented,
or constructed the word in 1878, in the month of May, at Columbus,
Ohio, when I was principal of the Colored Public Schools of that
city. I am now about to endeavor to answer an "arraignment" of the
title "Afro-American" published in the "Christian Recorder," December
15, 1892, and written by my friend, Hon. Isaiah C. Wears, the
distinguished American (Negro) scholar.
"If not, why object to Afro-American, which simply means his
ancestors were Africans and he lives in the United States?"

The Christian Recorder, Jan. 12, 1893.  Accessible Archives/African
American Newspapers.


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