"Americo-African", not in OED; 1827 to 1889

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"Americo-African" not in OED.

1827 -- "The Americo-African Colony." [headline]

Daily National Intelligencer [Washington, DC], June 26, 1827, p. 2,
col. 2.  EAN.

1828 -- "Between Bulama and Liberia, is the colony of Sierra Leone,
which the utter impossibility of sustaining, unless at a great
expense of life, will ultimately cause the British to abandon---and
which, even if it is not abandoned, must become a part of the
Americo-African nation, as the increasing settlements of Liberia
enclose and embrace it."

Eleventh Annual Report of the American Society for Colonizing the
Free People of Colour of the United States (Georgeton, D.C.: James C
Dunn, 1828), p. 10.  GBooks.

1828 -- "The germ of an Americo-African empire has been planted; and
though our Society should be dissolved to-morrow, it will flourish
and expand until it overshadows a continent."

African Repository and Colonial Journal, vol. 4 (May, 1828), p. 76.  GBooks.

1831 -- "Americo-African population of Liberia, 2,000. Native
Africans, who have abolished their ancient government, and become
citizens of the colony, 10,000."

New-York Annual Register for the Year of Our Lord 1831, By Edwin
Williams (New-York: Jonathan Leavitt and Collins & Hannay, 1831), p.
190 (Article on the American Colonization Society).  GBooks.

1839 -- "And the alternatives may at last be the dissolution of the
union, the retention of slavery, or the utter extermination of the
Americo-African race, ..."

Southern Literary Messenger, Devoted to Every Department of
Literature and the Fine Arts (Richmond: Thos. W. White), vol. 5., no.
6 (June, 1839), p. 382, col. 1.  GBooks.

1859 -- "In the meantime, those vast countries -- the valleys of the
Amazon and the Oronoco, and the adjacent states on both sides of the
Isthmus of Panama, will have had their destinies fixed as a permanent
abode of Americo-African slaves or Americo-African freeman."

The National Era, Feb. 24, 1859.  Accessible Archives/African
American Newspapers.

1887 -- "As the whole nation has been stirred by the impulses of the
constitutional centennial, so should the whole A.M.E. Church be; in
fact the whole Americo-African race."

The Christian Recorder, Sept. 29, 1887.    Accessible
Archives/African American Newspapers.

1889 -- "Americo-African Philosophy."  [Title of a racist satire of
beliefs of and in the (presumed) vernacular of African-Americans.]

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