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OED has an entry for streaming n. (Draft March 2008) and fairly early

>  g. Computing. The transfer of video and audio material over a network
> (now esp. the Internet) or (less commonly) from a disk as a
> continuous, real-time stream of data. Cf. stream n. Additions e,
> streaming adj. Additions b.Streaming allows pre-recorded material to
> be accessed before the entire file has been downloaded and allows live
> broadcasts to be viewed over the Internet.

Note the cross-reference to stream n., streaming adj. But what's missing
is stream v. And, if fact, this is correct--stream v. is not
cross-referenced because it's not listed. It certainly should be (not
sure if it was backformed or not).


PS: Bonus:
The Family. Volume 4. April 1923
Stream Pictures from Family Records. p. 32

Most 19th and 20th century uses of stream n. for non-liquids use a
preposition (usually "of"). So this title is fairly unusual, although
the meaning is covered.

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