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If we are picking nits, it should be "mountains' majesty", which comes
from the song "America the Beautiful". Bad editing?

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> In her NY Times 'The TV Watch" column of yesterday (Oct. 19) on the
> previous night's Republican candidates' debate, Alessandra Stanley
> writes "Mr. Romney looked a little like a country club tennis player
> dealing with a nonmenber guest who gauchely calls a ball in that was
> obviously out."
> When I remember playing tennis without line umpires at the country
> club, it was the player whose side the ball landed on who was
> supposed to call close shots.  A gauche nonmenber like myself (I mean
> I was a nonmember, not a gauche) would therefore call a ball "out"
> that was obviously in.  [Not yet corrected on-line by the chair umpire.]
> Ms. Stanley perhaps needs to attend a Sports 101 semester (as well as
> Creative Writing 153, "Overuse of Alliteration").  Later in her
> article she writes that "The introduction to the Las Vegas debate --
> with music, mountains, majesty and a montage of gambling images --
> was a cheesy blend of Caesars* Palace and 'Sunday Night Football.'"
> Surely the epitome of male sports-watching excess is "Monday Night Football."
> Joel
> * This at least is correct, as I did not know but am informed of by
> Wikipedia.  Which says "It is called "Caesars" and not "Caesar's"
> because every guest is a Caesar. [citation needed]".  Which of course
> is wrong, both on Wikipedia's account and on Caesars's.
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