"little green men"; "flying saucer"

Jeff Prucher jprucher at YAHOO.COM
Fri Oct 21 22:14:13 UTC 2011

I've found the 1940 "little green men" cite, but seems to be just another of the elves/gremlins/etc. variety:

FANTASTIC ADVENTURES, April 1940, page 89
 "Introducing the Author" column, by Robert Bloch.

 "...And yet I insist on writing fantastic fiction.  I would write more, if it wasn't for the little green men that run out of the woodwork and pull down my socks every time I sit at the typewriter.  I have managed to fool these fellows by not wearing socks, but lately they've taken to tugging at my trousers instead."

(I can't confirm whether the elipsis is original; the correspondent was able to find the original email, but no longer has access to the magazine.)


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