Where's West Africa?

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 22 19:46:07 UTC 2011

Bachmann has been well raked over that comment, but it's gratifying to
see CNN falling on its collective face in an attempt at correction. I
guess, CNN's notion is that Africa is Too Big To Fail, so they can say
whatever they want. Who's going to call them on it? Fox?

Having said that, Cooper did do a mea culpa on his "47% pay no taxes"
question during the last debate. So maybe they do recognize that they
are not infallible.

Now, back to "snake oil"...


On 10/22/2011 3:17 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> Heh heh. CNN scored Michelle Bachmann today for implying that maybe
> she doesn't know Libya's in Africa:
> "Now with the president, he put us in Libya. He is now putting us in
> Africa. We already were stretched too thin, and he put our special
> operations forces in Africa."
> CNN then showed a map of Africa with both Libya and Uganda
> highlighted. Next came their explanation that "Libya is in North
> Africa, and Uganda is in West Africa."
> Call me old-fashioned, but the last time I looked, which was at CNN's
> own map,  Uganda was in "East [or conceivably "Central"] Africa"
> Africa"), not "West Africa."
> JL

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