adolf & aryan taken from mom, dad.

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 29 13:57:22 UTC 2011

On Fox News, Dr. Keith Ablow explained that giving your child a
propaganda name is ipso facto abuse because it reduces the kid to an
expression of your own ego and dooms it to bullying, ridicule, a life
of misery, etc.  Frankly I agree. (Maybe it's OK for 17th C. Puritan
kids, however.)

An anchor then asked about less confrontational names like Moon Unit
Zappa and Moxie Crimefighter Jillette. Dr. Keith said those were  bad

Should the state draw the line for mom & dad?  If so, where?


CNN says "Jahessye."  65,000 hits.

NYT says "Jhessye."     14,000 hits.


"If the truth is half as bad as I think it is, you can't handle the truth."

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