Ticker Tape and Ticker Tape Parade (UNCLASSIFIED)

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The Statue of Liberty had its 125th anniversary this weekend.  The
National Park Service (among others) says that the dedication of the
statue on 28 Oct 1886 was the occasion of the first ticker tape parade.

OED has 1902 for "ticker tape" (entry under "tape"), and no entry for
"ticker tape parade."

10/21/1884 _NYTimes_ p 2 col 2
"They were loudly cheered as they advanced up Broadstreet, and were
showered with "ticker" tape from the various brokers' offices."

10/15/1928 _Washington Post_ p 2 col 4
[headline] "Mayor Walker's Envoy Will Meet Zeppelin in Air-Approach to
City on the Macom, and Ticker Tape Parade Up Broadway on Program."
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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