pristine = 'faultless; perfectly executed'

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Perhaps the part of the conventional definition associated with "pure"
and "unspoiled" has facilitated a shift to "faultless" "perfect" and
"beautiful". I think I may have heard pristine used with this sense
for decades.

1980 August 15, Peking Opera
The Christian Science Monitor [Boston, Mass], Page 19.
Author: Nancy Goldner (ProQuest)

We've all seen somersaults, but you haven't seen elegant ones till
you've seen the Chinese. The force and clarity and speed of their
maneuvers are something to behold. In its pristine execution, and in
the almost austere conception of its choreography, the acrobatics
become the Peking Opera's most eloquent form of expression.

1985 May 6, Sockers do a number on Strikers
Evening Tribune (San Diego, CA) -
Author: Rick Davis, Tribune Sportswriter (NewsBank)

EXCEPT for the fan interest -- which team majority owner Bob Bell says
he is beginning to wonder about after a gathering of 8,494 showed up
at the Sports Arena -- it was an occasion when everything seemed to go
right for the Sockers. For those who like efficiency and pristine
execution, check out some of the numbers from last night's MISL
semifinal series opener against the Minnesota Strikers.
The final score, 8-1 in favor of San Diego, was the club's most
lopsided playoff victory since shutting out Baltimore 7-0 in Game 2 of
a MISL championship series two years ago.

The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques - Page 232
Susan Pickering Rothamel - 2008 - 304 pages - Preview

Too many folks get hung up on exact, pristine execution, and we forget
that art, like life, is a messy, sloppy, gooey infusion of enthusiasm
and creativity. The idea behind spritzing uses these 'tactually
interactive vulcanized tools ...

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>> 2011 Louis P. Masur _The Civil War: A Concise History_ (N.Y.: OUP) 38: But
>> there is so much in war that no on can control....Only [Stonewall] Jackson's
>> campaign [in the Shenandoah Valley] seemed pristine, a model of a general in
>> perfect command, executed with bravado.
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