Kalbi (1965)

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Kalbi is a dish commonly found in Korean restaurants. Particularly in Hawai'i, non-Korean restaurants serve kalbi, and I have seen non-Korean restaurants with kalbi on their menus in Seattle as well.

Neither the OED, Merriam-Webster nor the AHD list "kalbi."

The most general definition I see in restaurants is "short rib(s)."

The earliest citation I can find in Google Books is 1965, though Google's preview doesn't provide it. The search results have the sentence: http://ow.ly/6kiuF

Paradise of the Pacific, Volumes 77-78

Korean style (chung kol) and barbecued beef with variations listed as kun koki, boot koki, and kalbi.

bul kogi/bulkogi needs to be listed as well.

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