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When the person in the ad says "Chock full of nuts" an "awe-dropper" would think "chock" stands for "chaulk" because they mispronounce "chaulk" as "chock"; another sad consequence of the total replacement of the "awe" sound with "ah" by some USA folks.

May the rest of us reverse
the "awe-droppers" curse,
and retain that sound as a clarifying token
of when our English was better spoken.

Tom Zurinskas, first Ct 20 yrs, then Tn 3, NJ 33, Fl 9.
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> On Sep 4, 2011, at 4:18 PM, victor steinbok wrote:
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> > Would that make for "chuck outline" or "chock outline"? Somehow, I have not
> > encountered much confusion over that one.
> some relevant hits for "chock outline". hard to tell with "chuck outline".
> > Or is the origin of this one
> > painfully obvious? What about "chuck-line" and "chock-line"? No? Still no
> > takers?
> there are at least a few relevant hits fr "chock(-)line".
> arnold
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