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> On Sep 8, 2011, at 5:31 PM, Alice Faber wrote:
> > Well, my father was screened and told he had to take the speech class
> > because of his "l defect" (which I think, on the basis of what he said,
> > was that he had dark l in environments where normative English had clear
> > l).
> many sighs. my daughter was identified as having a speech defect because she had light l where dark l was normative. at the same time, David Stampe's son was identified as having a speech defect for the opposite reason. a phalanx of linguist parents prevented the kids from being subjected to speech therapy sessions -- but, as i recall, the marks against them went into their files.
> even after all these years, i weep.
> (both David and I taught many speech therapists-in training. we feared that nothing we did in class had any effect on what they did in their lives. tremendously dispiriting.)
> arnold, hoping that we had some small effect on small number of students, but still it makes me wonder what good i've done with my life
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