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Here's a whole piece on "WikiTsunami" on the same day as Rao's post.
The WikiTsunami. Posted by Berlet98. November 29th, 2010

> There are leaks and there are leaks, there are floods and there are floods,
> there are tsunamis and there are tsunamis and even though “WikiLeaks” flows
> from the tongue somewhat more fluidly that “WikiTsunamis,” what happened
> over the weekend can only be described as a diplomatic tsunami of epic
> proportions.
> The chief difference between that criminal release of purloined documents
> and a literal tsunami was that the leak has had precedents and the United
> States knew it was on the way, even if it acted as if it were impotent to
> prevent or de-fuse it.


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> GLOBAL DIPLOMATIC TSUNAMI. K. N. Rao. 29 November 2010, 9:00 AM
>> At a time when USA is busy resuscitating its moribund domestic economy the
>> Wikileaks has created a global diplomatic tsunami ruining its international
>> reputation as the most untrustworthy nation of the world spying even on UN
>> officials and its known international friends even in UK which gave to
>> George Bush his poodle called Tony Blair.
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