Earlier Instance of Etymological Myth for "Posh"

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Mon Sep 12 22:25:04 UTC 2011

Fred Shapiro wrote
> I have discovered a pre-1935 occurrence of the "Port Out Starboard Home" etymology.  The Times of India refers to this etymology as the probable one in a children's column in its April 14, 1933 issue (page 23).

Fantastic! Thanks for locating this important citation. According to a
listing at proquest.com the ProQuest Historical Newspapers program has
digitized The Times of India from 1838 to 2001. I have found it very
difficult to obtain access to the ProQuest databases of several
newspapers. The Times of India is one of the papers I cannot access.

If you (or someone else who has access to this newspaper) would be
willing to post the excerpt that discusses the explanation of
posh/P.O.S.H. that would be great. Knowing the exact wording is often
very valuable. Retyping or using OCR is a hassle I know. In any case,
many thanks for what you have already done.


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