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GB includes _The Baby Name Countdown_, by Janet Schewegel (2008). Among
"Girls' Names" in the environs of "Jherrica," we find:

"Ji'neahl Jieva Jilyanna Jindveer Jezabel Jhakya Jhenia Ji'rah Jiffany
Jilyenne Jinea Jezabella Jhakyiah Jheniah Ji'teana Jiggi Jilyian Jineen
Jezabelle Jhalah Jheraldin Ji'terrius Jihaan Jilyssa Jineily Jezali
Jhalena  *Jherika*  [sic] Ji'yea"

(Reading across, not alphabetically.)

But no "Jher[r]ica."  Get with it, Janet!

There are scores of such names beginning with {Jh}, though that may depend
on the meaning of "There are."  The "J" section of "Boys' Names" is not

A quick scan of all GB reveals to me just one real live "Jher[r]ica":

2011 J. W. Smith _No Love Lost_  (N.p.: XLibris) 7: Special thanks to my
three kids: Tyquan Cashe', Jernisha Lashune, and Jherica Sharell.



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> At 9/13/2011 08:24 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> >The computerized sales slip from the supermarket tells me that my cashier
> >was "Jherrica."
> >
> >Over 10,000 raw Google hits for "Jherrica," over 150,000 for "Jherica."
> >
> >To generalize from my experience, they should be mostly twentyish white
> >ladies with hair the color of blood.
> The feminine of "Jherrico"?  123,000 hits.  For "Jherico", 250,000
> hits.  All unanalyzed, except that some are clearly given names.
> tells us "Jherico
> \j-herico, jhe-ri-co\ as a boy's name is a variant of
> <>Jericho (Arabic),
> and the meaning of Jherico is "city of the moon".  And "Jherico is
> not a popular first name for men and an equally uncommon surname or
> last name for all people."
> Gender bias rears its ugly head.  This site has no entry for
> "Jherica/Jherrica".
> But you knew that.
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