News: Authors Guild Sues HathiTrust and Five Universities

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I am sure everyone will be happy to learn that the EU has extended recorded
music copyright to 70 years. Recordings and compositions will be treated
differently--which, I am sure, will make the studios happy. Not sure any
actual musicians will notice a whole lot of difference. Authors have 70
years after their death to hold on to the copyright--well, sort of ;-) US
copyright is 95 years, but may well get extended again by 2018.


It is interesting that no one ever suggested that performance copyright
should be more flexible--e.g., give holders who are not actual performers 40
years, after which the right reverts to the performers and their estates for
50 years. This would be an ideal compromise.

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> List members who use HathiTrust may be interested in the following
> news. HathiTrust does not display snippets of copyrighted works, but
> their massive joint database does contain copies of copyrighted works,
> and now it is the target of a lawsuit. The Authors Guild also dislikes
> the new project involving "orphan" works.
> Copyright Clash: Authors Guild and Others Sue HathiTrust and Five
> Universities
> By David Rapp Sep 13, 2011at
> The Authors Guild預long with Australian and Canadian authors'
> organizations and eight individual authors庸iled suit yesterday
> against the HathiTrust digital repository and five of its member
> universities to stop them from "reproducing, distributing and/or
> displaying" copyrighted works, among other alleged infringements預nd
> charged them with "engaging in one of the largest copyright
> infringements in history."
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