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Whatever happened to good old-fashioned names, like "Fretwell".

     [William Vandrills, will carry gentlemen, their wares or their
merchandise, from New-York to Philadelphia, in a boat that will "sail from
New-York for Thomas Akin's, in South Amboy, every Monday and Thursday, in
every Week, where a Waggon will be kept ready to proceed immediately for
Fretwell Wright's in Burlington; and upon their Arrival there they will
directly get a Passage to Philadelphia"; he keeps his boat at Whitehall
Slip, or leave messages and letters with Capt. Lewis, "at the sign of the
     N-Y Mercury, December 18, 1752, p. 3, col. ?

This seems to be a particularly hard-line Puritan name, like "Thankful",
only more so -- I actually knew a "Thankful", a young woman in Maine, in the
mid 1960s.



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> The computerized sales slip from the supermarket tells me that my cashier
> was "Jherrica."
> Over 10,000 raw Google hits for "Jherrica," over 150,000 for "Jherica."
> To generalize from my experience, they should be mostly twentyish white
> ladies with hair the color of blood.
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