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Likely not a typo--I've seen a few of these before and even corrected

A sampler (with limited search pattern--the general one gets too many
irrelevant hits) [total 10 hits with all variants, two pairs repeated, 1

If you have an unhappy customer, watch the details, retrace the touch points
and you can pin-point the issue. If you want to create great customer
experience, then do likewise. Don't *gross over the details*.

Don't be scared. A normal semi-cursive 露 looks easier than this one (the
form of 各 is rather outdated, but you can get the gist - preserve the form
and *gross over the details*), and a normal cursive 露, harder (the parts are
joint up).

They should earn more now with the remaining subscribers. It's NetFlix's
"problem", not mine. Why should I *gross over the details* ?

I will *gross over the details* on the pricings of 2nd hand laptops most
sellers sell on this forum, but it seems like a lot of sellers here are
still selling their 2nd hand Core 2 Duo or Core processor laptops at prices
at the range of $700 upwards

But since I'm not really familiar with this disease, I'm going to *gross
over the details* and stick to the layman's term leukemia or cancer of the

I may make it sound too easy to *gross over the details*, but we know from
dlvl 10-11 they won't be a big problem once a choke/door is available.
[WOT blocked the site, so I thought  I'd drop the link, but wanted to
include the line.]

It's me talking about politics again.. perhaps, many of us that have stopped
schooling or are too distant to people with kids in primary school might not
have paid attention to this piece of news, in fact, i too have *grossed over
the details*, i only know how that the government has decided that is it
necessary to tweak the PSLE weightage for Mother Tongue downwards..

Second search pattern [216 raw ghits, some spurious]:

There are clear perceived corrupt practices associated with the key members
of NDC government that had *been grossed over* by this NDC government which
I think deny them the morale right to criticize anybody citing corruption in
the corridors of Mills – Mahama led government.

Park Chung Hee's military crackdowns are taught, but details have always *been
grossed over*; as for Syngman Rhee, I am not sure, but the trend these days
is that they tend to portray him as a national hero who had to make critical
choices at a time of national emergency.

I can't even tell what they have in common other than singing and gay. I
think their characters have been grossed over and underdeveloped.

There should be more transparency in the public service esp with regards to
the use/mamangement of public funds by government agenices.  Laspses and
weakness in management of public funds as listed  below in the past has *been
grossed over* without officers/agencies responsible being taken task.    In
the past, it would appear to be just a slapped on the hand.  This need to
change to show that there is a greater accountablity.

“The two directions are very important facts to be considered and should
have been kept in mind by the trial court. Unfortunately no attention has
been paid to this fact, which seems to have been grossed over by the court
by granting bail to the accused,” Justice Sud said.

Note that a number of these come from East Asian sources, plus Singapore and
India, so this may be more than just an eggcorn for some.

A couple of these are also puzzling, as they don't follow the same pattern:

Why would some never understand the mysteries of the kingdom found in the
parables? It was a matter of unprepared hearts. Their hearts were hard and
grossed over, their ears were dull of hearing, their eyes they had closed.

And, of course, I have *been grossed over* how popular media sees us, and
have lived my own moments of being cast as something I am not: The Spicy

I don't know what to make of these two.


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> This isn't a true origins films as most comic book films usually are.
> Thors' early life is mostly grossed over, which is probably good. Probably
> take too much time to tell anyway.
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> Could be a typo, but "gross" has a logic to it.
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