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I watched "Squawk Box" this morning on CNBC.  A person spoke about the "Hong Kong" dollar, pronouncing it ~Haung Kaung~ (~au as in "laud"), as I do.  But another person called it ~Haang Kaang~ (~aa as in "Saab"), an "awe-dropper".  The first person then switched to saying it as ~Haang Kaang~.  That's the way it appears to be going. shows ~Haang Kaang~ in phonetics and the speaker speaks it as such.  Al the other words ending in "ong" are marked as ~au but "wrong" and "strong" are misspoken as ~raang and ~straang by the lady speaker.  I think the same lady mispronounces "awe" as "ah" ~aa in

How the heck can you mispronounce a one-phoneme word.  You would think that if the symbol stands for "awe" that the speaker would say it correctly. is an awe-dropping mess.  They need to be straightened out.

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