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Syntactically, "engineering amazing" is absolutely ambiguous. Thus there is no grounds for assuming that "most people" would see it one way or another True, the noun+adjective order is rare in English (except for similatives). However, given that the verb interpretation requires restoring a deleted copula, it would seem to be something of a wash in terms of the processing required.

"Ram Tough" could certainly be a similative, though an inverted order (cf. "galore" et al.) is also possible, particularly since rams are not especially known for their 'toughness' (except perhaps as food).

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Ram Tough==Tough As [a] Ram~~Tough Like [a] Ram (with Ram==Dodge). Actually,
interpreting "engineering" as a gerund, would add one more variant
interpretation to "engineering amazing"--amazing engineering. But, I suspect
that most people would see a verb there (participle).


On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 5:02 PM, Benjamin Barrett <gogaku at>wrote:

> I'm not sure whether to top-post or bottom-post now, but I don't see the
> connection between "engineering amazing" (vt + adj) and "Ram tough" (noun +
> adj).
> Benjamin Barrett
> Seattle, WA
> On Sep 15, 2011, at 1:39 PM, Ronald Butters wrote:
> >
> > Surely there are constructions galore of the form Noun + {Adjectivey
> thing}, particularly in advertising? "POM wonderful"? "the coffee
> delicious"? "Ram Tough"?

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