Bachmann Convicted!

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Sat Sep 17 21:33:38 UTC 2011

I'm not sure that the tone and body language in the clip clearly sustain
that interpretation, Jerry.

Also, Bachmann is a conservative Lutheran who may well be used to the "U.S.
religious" def. given by the OED, which could easily expand its sense to
equal "thoroughly convinced.

Finally, I heard the word used this way once before, also by a Tea Party
person - conceivably Bachmann, though I don't think so.  Something like,
"we're not just sure, we're convicted that that's the case."

I could be wrong though.


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> Not so much that she holds a conviction but as a variation on "I plead =
> guilty".
> G. Cohen
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> Original message from Jonathan Lighter, Sat 9/17/2011 11:17 AM:
> Rep. Bachmann was explaining to Jay Leno her belief that "innocent
> twelve-year-old girls" shouldn't be "forced" to have "a government
> injection" against HPV.  Leno said "You're very strident about this." =
> (He
> meant "passionate" or "insistent" or something like that.)
> Bachmann said, "I'm convicted! I'm convicted!"
> She holds a conviction, in other words.
> No OED, which offers the religious forerunner.
> JL
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