victor steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 19 22:30:58 UTC 2011

Horsemaning? I needed an explanation for this one--and even knowing what it
is, I fail to see the connection. But that's just me.

> "Horsemaning" is an Internet meme that mimics a fake beheading in
> photographs. The origins are believed to be in the 1920s when people would
> imitate the Headless Horseman, a character from the "The Legend of Sleepy
> Hallow."
> Urban legend has it that a 1920s photograph of two children horsemaning was
> recently found at a garage sale and uploaded onto the Internet, thus kicking
> off the resurgence of the fad. The trend has made its round on Facebook,
> blogs and BuzzFeed. Even a couple of celebrities have taken the plunge.

Sounds like horseshit, but CBS calls it "horsemaning".


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