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When I was in high school ('60's), 'dress out' meant to change from one's school clothes into the gym uniform for participation in physical education class.   
--Margaret Lee

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> 13. Specific and technical uses.
>> Â a. To prepare for use as food, by making ready to cook, or by cooking
>> (also intr. =3D passive); also, to season (food, esp. a salad).
> ...
> Â h. To cleanse (corn) from chaff and the like.

Yes. That is indeed rather insufficient, not to mention new to me. I
would never use "dress out" WRT the literal preparing of food for
cooking, least of all WRT the preparing a salad. But, youneverknow. As
someone once said to me, "You people have such a colorful way of

The picture that I get is of a hunter "dressing out" the carcass,
which is hanging from a tree branch,  of, e.g. a deer or a feral swine
and then feeding its inwards or other offal to his dogs.

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