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Thu Sep 22 13:54:08 UTC 2011

At 9/22/2011 01:33 AM, Paul Johnston wrote:
>... As I say, in New Jersey, there was no term, though my
>neighborhood had sidewalks, and so, there was a tree lawn/parkway/berm.

Nor do I, grown in NYC and living in New England, have a term.

>My wife says that the trees planted in this strip belonged to the
>city in Cleveland, though you had to take care of them.

In Arlington, Mass., I'm confident -- well, somewhat confident --
that the town has to nurture them.  I'm quite confident that I cannot
lop them -- the tree warden told me that I could not have a
contractor cut off a large branch of a ... well, tree-lawn tree that
was steadily advancing horizontally towards my house, the town would
see to it for me.  (And they did cut it off.)

On the other hand:  If I don't mow the tree-lawn, no one will.  And
although the town owns the sidewalk, I'm required to remove the snow from it.


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