"Le _futur centre_ de traitement …"

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> On 21 Sep 2011, at 12:03, Wilson Gray wrote:
>> "Futur centre"?
>> Is that real French? Or a calque on English
>> _future center / future centre_
> Doesn't trigger my oddness detector at all. _futur/e_ as an adjective is very common in fr_FR and I can't see it any less popular in fr_CA - more, if anything (and yes, it would go in front of the noun) .
> Le futur premier ministre
> La future reine de ...
> Some Le Monde headlines and other excerpts:
> Un monument wisigoth sous la future école d'économie de Toulouse
> Thaïlande : La future première ministre ne séduit pas les féministes
> Dans le futur espace de la galerie Loevenbruck à cent mètres de là , on peut voir une grande toile
> ...
> Chris Waigl
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Hmm. Then, the English phrase could very well be a calque on the
French! Youneverknow.

Vielen Dank, Chris!

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