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David A. Daniel dad at POKERWIZ.COM
Fri Sep 23 17:58:23 UTC 2011

Has anyone mentioned shit out of luck, shitstorm or shitload? Or how about
"Are you shitting me?" "Nope, I shit you not". I don't have access to OED,
so can't check them out.

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OED has shit-eating grin and shit-eater grin.

But it's missing "built like a brick shithouse".


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> On Sep 23, 2011, at 10:36 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote [in part]:
> > The HDAS files have enough on this word to make a book.
> >
> > I've heard of "shit-scared," but never "shit-happy."
> Well, there's always the "shit-faced grin", although that doesn't connote
> pure unadulterated joy.  For another positive locution:  I once told a
> girlfriend her eyes were browner than shit.  She quite properly took it as
> compliment.
> LH

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