Further Antedating of "African-American"

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Mon Sep 26 18:00:02 UTC 2011

Jon had written:
>And the number of whites may have not been entirely negligiblel. Acc. to
>_American Colonization Society and the Colony at Liberia_ (1831; GB), in
>1830, "Four ships, with 315 emigrants, one hundred and ninety-eight of whom
>were emancipated slaves, arrived at the colony." Presumably most of the 117
>others were free black Americans, but the white population of Liberia in
>1831-32 needs be looked into.

I see that _The Crisis_, May-Jun 2006, page 19, col. 2, says
"Although the *vast majority* of the new colonists in Liberia were
African American, Thomas Buchanan, the first governor of the
Commonwealth of Liberia [but second governor of the colony], was a
White relative of James Buchanan ..."  (The next governor was African
American.)  So there were white administrators, sent by the ACS (and
white missionaries).  But presumably "few" (the opposite of "vast"!)
whites in total.

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