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Tue Sep 27 11:53:50 UTC 2011

Fred R. Shapiro recently spoke kindly of the
website in the Yale Alumni magazine (YAM). Great thanks to him and to
other list members for positive comments and referrals in the past,
e.g., Ben Zimmer, Dave Wilton, and Grant Barrett.

Some readers of this note may be unaware of the fantastic columns and
articles by Fred that have appeared in YAM about quotations and
phrases. Below are a few links.

Bruce Wayne’s Verbal Legacy: From Zamm! to "Holy Interplanetary
Yardstick, Batman!": a critical analysis
March/April 2011

Anonymous was a Woman: Your favorite famous quotation: was it by
Voltaire? Yogi Berra? Or some woman you’ve never heard of?
January/February 2011

You Can Quote Them: (Famous quotations by fictitious Yale alumni.)
November/December 2010
January/February 2011

Here are the two most recent columns.
You Can Quote Them: The "quote by Martin Luther King Jr." that wasn’t.
July/August 2011

You Can Quote Them: The world is full of Twain quips that Mark Twain
never uttered.
September/October 2011


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