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Neal Whitman nwhitman at AMERITECH.NET
Thu Sep 29 14:42:51 UTC 2011

The language blogs are having a popularity contest: the "Best Grammar Blog
of 2011" vote, sponsored by a website called, with winners to be
determined by votes cast up until Oct. 17.

The front runner right now is one called Terribly Write, whose posts consist
of newspaper clippings with misspellings or omitted words circled in red.

Currently second is a new blog called The Diacritics, written by two
first-year law students (at UCLA and Duke) who have BAs in linguistics. It's
pretty good.

In third place is Jonathon Owen's Arrant Pedantry, which is also good.

Much further down the list are Language Log, Ben Zimmer's Word Routes, Jan
Freeman's Throw Grammar from the Train, Lynne Murphy's Separated by a Common
Language, and a blog called Literal-Minded, which I hear isn't too bad. If
you think any of these blogs deserve to end up closer to the top of the
list, you can cast your vote here: I'd say that every one
of them ought to be ahead of Terribly Write.


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