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The frequency of the word "buycott" in news stories has increased
recently because it is being applied to the "Chick-fil-A Appreciation
Day". Now some LGBT groups have proposed a "kiss-in" in response.
(Lennon and Ono had a bed-in but this is drifting off-topic.)

On February 16, 2012 Victor Steinbok posted to the ADS list about the
term "buycott". I did not see any other messages containing "buycott"
in the ADS-L archive.

[Begin excerpt]
> http://goo.gl/PrGSn
>> Those who prefer to drink their lattes packing protection on their hip
>> turned out at Starbucks across the country on the first day of a
>> "buycott" organized by gun owners -- countering the Starbucks boycott
>> called this week by the National Gun Victims Action Council.
[End excerpt]

Wikipedia has an entry for Buycott.
[Begin excerpt]
One of the first uses of the term buycott was in 1991, in a Los
Angeles Times column by Robert Foxworth.
[End excerpt]

Below are cites in 1989. I did not do a thorough search.

The OED does not present any matches for "boycott".

The website buycottmonth.com is about efforts to buy Israeli products.

Barry Popik has an entry dated September 09, 2009 titled "Boycott;
Girlcott; Procott; Buycott", but it is labeled "Entry in
progress-B.P.", and I could not find any information about "buycott".

The term "buycott" was used in the title of an article in the LA Times
October 1989. I have not seen the body of the article.

Cite: 1989 October 13, Los Angeles Times, ACLU Starts a 'Buycott' of
TV Programs by Shauna Snow, Page F27, Los Angeles, California.

Abstract (summary)
The Southern California affiliate of the ACLU has launched a campaign
to combat fundamentalist groups that it says have tried to censor TV
programs in recent months.

Cite: 1989 November 20, Marietta Journal, Sponsors reacts to show's
depicting homosexual lovers by Kenneth R. Clark [Chicago Tribune],
Page 18, Marietta, Georgia. (GenealogyBank)

[Begin excerpt]
Melvin claimed victory in the boycott, but said he could not prove it.
"We don't have any figures from Clorox or Mennen because they won't
talk to us, but we know we have impacted them," he said. "We know
we're hurting them because we've seen the beginning of indirect
overtures from one of them, and just last week, the California chapter
of the ACLU announced a 'Buycott,' urging people to buy Clorox and
Mennen products, and a boycott of any sponsors who knuckle under. Our
boycott must be working; otherwise, why would they bother?"
[End excerpt]

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