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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Aug 5 20:40:41 UTC 2012

OK, we finally sorta sorted out how Rashida Jones manages to "[masturbate] vegetables".  This week's contest (no gold medal for the winner) involves Finding That Adjective.  The context is an article about "Montauk's Hipster Fatigue", as illustrated by locals sporting T-shirts with a diagonal line through a fedora, and worse, i.e. invocations of what have come to be called "Second Amendment solutions" to deal with the influx of rich tourists (after they've been relieved of some of their disposable income, of course).  


As the Web site Diehipster.com puts it in a diatribe aimed at urban-based hipsters, “You’ve accomplished nothing over the last decade but displaced hard-working families, old-time residents and newly arrived immigrants who do not seek attention like you [Offensive Adjective Inappropriate for Family Newspaper].”

I checked the diehipster.com site, but despite learning some useful, if non-adjectival, lexical items (apparently the dread hipsters, not content with "pussifying" the outer reaches of Brooklyn, will be marching on to colonize distant outposts of "Flyoverlandia"), I didn't find out what this [Offensive Adjective Inappropriate for Family Newspaper] might have been.  No credit for offensive nouns; only adjectives will be considered.

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