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Mon Aug 6 18:02:21 UTC 2012

Neal Whitman wrote:
> And it's no fluke. Here's his Facebook comment from early
> this morning: "Turns out amnesia was like the one game
> that wouldn't support intel graphic cards."

I have heard the term "supports" being used symmetrically in the
domain of computer games and video cards for some time. Below are
examples. I was not able to find much. These are relatively recent:

Here is an example of a game supporting a video card:

Title: Far Cry 2 On Pentium 4 & X1650 AGP
Uploaded by Androlas7 on Aug 30, 2010
Date: Aug 30, 2010
Comment by uploader Androlas7:

[Begin excerpt]
The game supports these video cards:
NVidia 6800, NVidia 7000 series, 8000 series, 9000 series, 200 series.
8800M and 8700M supported for laptops.
[End excerpt]

Here is an example of a chip maker supporting a computer game.
(Actually, it is an example of the lack of support.) Nvidia is a chip
maker, and Crysis 2 is a computer game.

Subject: Re:Where are new 5xx series drivers? - Thursday,
Poster: rmmil978
Date: March 24, 2011 7:33 AM

[Begin excerpt]
... but it's pretty sad that no new drivers from Nvidia since January
means nothing from Nvidia officially supports Crysis 2 SLI....really
Nvidia, for the biggest PC release in the past year, nothing?
[End excerpt]

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