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At 8/6/2012 06:06 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
>To be honest, it did not even occur to me when looking at Lochte's photo
>that he was wearing jewelry. I thought it was some sort of braces.

My first thought (when viewing the "live" TV
broadcast) was Jaws from the Bond movies.  So I
saw it as Lochte's design for intimidating his competitors.

Note 1:  Wikipedia says Jaw's dentures were so
uncomfortable that Richard Kiel "could only wear
them for about 35 seconds".  Dentistry has apparently improved since 1977.

Note 2:  The Olympic Gods told Lochte that if he
wore his attachment to his medal award ceremony it would not be awarded.


>On 8/5/2012 11:46 PM, Garson O'Toole wrote:
>>Here is an excerpt that mentions the creator of the grill.
>>Title: Acclaimed Grill-Creating Rapper Paul Wall Designed Ryan
>>Lochte’s Mouth Jewelry
>>Author: Evan Sporer
>>Pasting date and time: 10:44 am, August 1st, 2012
>>Website: Sports Grid
>>[Begin excerpt]
>>Ryan Lochte was wearing metal by the pool even before he won his first
>>race in London at the Olympics. The 27-year-old American-born swimmer
>>has been wearing grills throughout the 2012 Games, designed by none
>>other than one of the pioneers of icy mouthware, rapper Paul Wall.
>>But Lochte’s grill sparked some controversy, according to ESPN
>>reporter Wayne Drehs.
>>      Lochte told me he tried to wear his grill on the podium only to
>>have an Olympics official tell him if he did so he wouldn’t get his
>>      — Wayne Drehs (@espnWD) July 28, 2012
>>Then, XXL Mag learned that it was Wall, along with
>>partner-in-grill-making TV Jonny, who designed the grill for Lochte.
>>      “The grill he’s wearing is all hand-prong set, all VS diamonds and
>>custom red rubies,” Paul Wall said. “What he has in his mouth is all
>>hand crafted. Every diamond is set by hand—one by one, prong set and
>>all custom red rubies. Of course we gave him an Olympic discount.”
>>      Although Wall didn’t disclose the exact price tag of Lochte’s
>>particular grill, he did mention that such a customized mouthpiece can
>>run “anywhere from $15,000-$25,000.”
>>[End excerpt]
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