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Surely you know by now, Victor, that, as Glen Beck ("America's History
Teacher," it says here) has shown with charts and arrows, both fascism and
socialism were first put in place in a major nation by Woodrow Wilson of
the notorious Democrat Party (elected 1912 - you do the math).

The liberals like to blame Lenin and Hitler, but it was Wilson.

It must be true, because as many people have told me over the
years, including (I swear) two PhD's, "It's illegal to publish lies."


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> A Tea Party Express strategist, in an interview on NPR yesterday,
> responded to a question about fascism, "No, fascism is when government
> controls the means of production." Of course, most of the time, TPers
> use an identical definition for socialism. Having baited a few in fairly
> recent past, I also know that this is empty sloganism and they can't
> even unpack this simple statement. Still, I thought this was an
> interesting observation on background.
> I don't believe this was a deliberate attempt to equate fascism and
> socialism (although it is something that TPers sometimes state as a
> fact) and the guy simply might have confused his definitions. But given
> that he operated almost entirely in slogans, I suspect, he is just
> ignorant.
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