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Dang. BGZ beat me to it: <<<In 2002, Bill Maher famously lost his job
hosting ABC's "Politically Incorrect" after questioning whether the 9/11
terrorists were "cowards">>>

WB: My reaction at the time was for a <<Martyrs' Brigade for Freedom &
Democracy, Inc.>> Though the notion of suicide is repugnant to most
Americans, the notion of self-sacrifice in a military context is somewhat
more palatable. I therefore proposed that those who have most benefited
from a military career should volunteer for a Martyrs' Brigade for Freedom
& Democracy, to be drawn from the ranks of retired military personnel,
starting with the highest ranks and working on down, as wartime
requirements dictated. For example, a retired admiral would strap on a
suicide belt, dress in a burqa, and advance towards a Taliban machine gun
nest in Afghanistan, and then do the right thing. Culling the ranks of
retired field grade officers would in fact have the additional side-benefit
of reducing entitlement payouts that much sooner. The vast pool of military
retirees should last through a number of future conflicts; but, if
necessary, volunteers could also be drawn from amongst retired Congress
persons, and so on, down through the political pool. The undesirable
effects of wasting youthful kamekazis by the Japanese during WWII should
not be lost on us, as it has apparently been by other Martyrs' Brigades.

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